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Air compressor is simple

  7 kinds of air compressor is simple but effective energy saving method of compressed air as one of the power source of the manufacturing enterprise, need to perserve continuous operation to ensure the stability of gas pressure, this is the basic condition of enterprise production operation, and as the main manufacture equipment of the air compressor is to undertake the task of the core equipment, continuously need continuous reliable operation, stable to ensure trouble-free operation.

  Since it is running equipment, it needs power supply to run, and high power consumption is the core of cost increase.

  At the same time, in the process of continuous gas supply, whether there is leakage and ineffective use of the whole gas supply pipe network system inside the enterprise, so that the compressed air produced will leak again for nothing, which is another core of the cost increase.

  In order to effectively reduce the use cost of air compressor, the author explains it from the following points.

  Air compressor is simple but effective 7 kinds of energy saving methods, benefit from endless

  1. In the technical transformation of equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to high-efficiency units, such as replacing piston machines with screw air compressors, which is the development trend of equipment.

  Although the industry has entered the screw machine era for nearly 20 years, many domestic users are still using piston machines.

  Compared with the traditional piston compressor, screw air compressor has the advantages of simple structure, small size, higher reliability, stability and simple maintenance.

  The market share of screw air compressor is increasing year by year, especially in recent years, the emergence of energy-saving screw compressor, various enterprises are competing to launch products higher than the national energy efficiency level standard, we hope that every equipment transformation should pay attention to this problem.

  2. Leakage control of the whole pipe network system during the use of compressed air.

  The average leakage of compressed air in factories is as high as 20 ~ 30%, so the primary work of energy saving is to treat leakage.

  All the pneumatic tools, hoses, joints, valves, a 1 square millimeter hole, at 7bar pressure, the loss is about 4000 dollars a year.

  It is urgent to check the leakage of air compressor pipeline and optimize the design of pipeline.

  The ineffective use of leaked compressed air, through energy consumption, electricity, water production of a kind of power energy, let it leak in vain, it is a pity, hope to cause enterprise managers to pay great attention to.

  3. Each compressed air passing through a device will produce compressed air loss, air source pressure will be reduced, the need for pressure drop management, that is, each section of the pipeline to set up pressure gauges.

  General air compressor exports to the use point of the factory, the pressure drop can not exceed 1bar, more strictly, it can not exceed 10%, that is, 0.7bar.

  The pressure drop of the cold and dry filtration section is generally 0.2bar. Please check the pressure drop of each section in detail. If there is any problem, it should be maintained in time.

  (Each additional kilogram of pressure increases energy consumption by 7% to 10%).

  When selecting compressed air equipment and evaluating the pressure demand of gas equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the size of air supply pressure and air supply volume, and it is not necessary to blindly improve the air supply pressure and total power of the equipment.

  In the case of ensuring production, the exhaust pressure of the air compressor should be lowered as far as possible. The cylinder of many gas equipment is only 3 ~ 4bar, and a few manipulators are only more than 6bar.

  (The energy saving is about 7 ~ 10% for every 1bar lower pressure).

  For enterprise gas equipment, production and use can be guaranteed according to the gas consumption and gas pressure of the equipment.

  4. Equipment selection shall adopt efficient compressor. According to the gas consumption in the production of enterprises, it is necessary to consider the use of gas during the peak and low periods.

  At present, the domestic leading high efficiency permanent magnet frequency conversion screw air compressor, its permanent magnet motor than the general motor energy saving more than 10%, with constant pressure air, will not cause differential pressure waste, how much air to play how much air, no loading and unloading and other advantages.

  More than 30% energy saving than the general air compressor.

  Frequency conversion production gas is especially suitable for modern production and manufacturing. Centrifugal units with large gas consumption can also be used to relieve the problem of insufficient gas consumption at peak with high efficiency and large flow.

  5. Centralized control of multiple devices in the era of Internet big data is a good way to improve modern enterprise management methods.

  The centralized linkage control of multiple air compressors can avoid the rise of stepped exhaust pressure caused by the parameter setting of multiple air compressors, resulting in the waste of output air energy.

  The joint control of multiple air compressor units, the linkage control of post-processing equipment and facilities, the flow monitoring, the pressure monitoring and the temperature monitoring of the gas supply system can effectively avoid various problems in the operation of the equipment and improve the operation reliability of the equipment.

  6. Reduce the intake air temperature of the air compressor.

  The environment of the air compressor is generally more appropriate to be placed indoors. Generally, the internal temperature of the air compressor station is higher than that of the outdoor air compressor, so outdoor gas extraction can be considered.

  Do a good job of equipment maintenance and cleaning, increase the heat dissipation effect of air compressor, the exchange effect of water cooling, air cooling and other heat exchangers, maintain oil quality and so on, all of which can reduce energy consumption.

  According to the operation principle of air compressor, air compressor inhales natural air, after multi-stage treatment, multi-stage compression, and finally forms high pressure clean air for other equipment.

  Nature in the process of the whole air is compressed absorbed most of the heat energy by the electric energy converted, compressed air temperature will increase, sustained high temperature is unfavorable for the equipment normal operation, you need to continue equipment cooling, at the same time to reduce the natural air inhaled air inlet temperature, increase the volume is ideal state.

  7. Waste heat recovery in the compression process.

  Waste heat recovery of air compressor is generally the use of efficient waste heat recovery equipment, by absorbing the waste heat of air compressor to heat cold water, no additional energy consumption.

  It mainly solves the problems of staff life, industrial hot water and so on, saves a lot of energy for the enterprise, thus greatly saving the output cost of the enterprise.

  Waste heat recovery unit of air compressor:

  (1) Waste heat recovery unit of air compressor is an energy-saving equipment that makes full use of the high temperature oil and gas heat energy of the compressor and makes full use of the heat energy through heat exchange.

  It collects the heat energy generated during the operation of air compressor through energy exchange and energy saving control, and improves the operation condition of air compressor at the same time. It is a kind of energy saving equipment with relatively high efficiency of waste heat utilization and zero cost operation.

  (2) the source of use can be fuel injection screw air compressor, can be the fuel injection screw compressor of central air conditioning, can also be the waste heat of energy center or other equipment of the enterprise.

  Hot water can be used as domestic water, hot air drying, heating supply, constant temperature and humidity combined air cabinet, boiler supplement hot water, hot water for cleaning equipment, etc.

  (A 75KW air compressor can provide hot water for about 500 people with the heat recovered from waste heat in a day.)

  Air compressor is simple but effective 7 kinds of energy saving methods, benefit from endless

  (3) High temperature oil and gas heat energy in compression is transferred to normal temperature hot water through heat exchange to realize the utilization of heat energy.

  The motor drives the screw machine to rotate, and the air is sucked into the screw compressor through a filter and compressed into high pressure air, which is mixed with circulating oil to form high pressure and high temperature oil and gas mixture, and enters the oil and gas separator.

  After the mixture of oil and gas is separated into oil and gas and air, the compressed air in it is dissipated by the rear cooler and supplied to the user, while the circulating oil and gas is separated in the oil and gas separator, condensed into liquid state, dissipated by the front cooler and filtered by the filter, and then returned to the compressor to complete a cycle process.

  The compressor thermal water heater introduces high-temperature circulating oil (and high-temperature compressed gas) into the thermal water heater. The heat energy generated during the operation of the air compressor is fully absorbed by the thermal water heater, and the compressor can cool down at the same time.

  (4) In the process of long-term continuous operation of screw air compressor, the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. In the process of conversion of mechanical energy into heat energy, the air is compressed at high pressure so that the temperature rises sharply. This is the phenomenon of mechanical energy conversion in general physics.

  The high heat generated by the addition of the lubricating oil of the air compressor is mixed into oil/gas steam and discharged from the body. The heat of this part of the high temperature oil/air flow is equivalent to 1/4 of the input power of the air compressor. Its temperature is usually 80℃ (winter) ~ 100℃ (summer and autumn).

  These heat energy is gratuitous discharged into the atmosphere due to the requirements of the temperature of the machine operation, that is, the cooling system of the air compressor to complete the temperature requirements of the machine operation.

  In short, improving the use efficiency of compressed air is one of the important measures for energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises. It requires managers, users and operators to pay attention to it in many aspects, and take effective measures to improve the utilization rate of air compressor, so as to ensure production and reduce the use cost.

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